Why having a good gym WordPress theme is important

by digiadvisor
August 07 2019

Body image since the ’40s

No one as much as celebrities impacts the general idea of body image. Back in 1954, where Marilyn Monroe’s dress was blown up in one of the most iconic moments of Hollywood cinema, she became a symbol for her generation. She was a superstar and shined brightly. Nobody thought twice about the few extra pounds she was packing. Some maybe even liked it because they formed the outline of a superstar’s body. Every girl in the world wanted to look like her. The idea of having a super-fit slim body seemed like a far fetch back then and size didn’t seem to concern people too much. Going to the gym wasn’t on everybody’s to-do-list. Still, as time went by, size became more relevant.

In the ’80s, the supermodel era began. Everyone wanted to get thin. Image of skinny female superstars took over all magazine and billboards. Male models were not off the hook, either. Advertising companies and even Hollywood favored model and actors with six-pack Abs. Everyone was going crazy about working out and burning the extra fat.



Having said that, it was heaven for business owners. Fitness centers opened up left and right. In 1981, 70 million Americans — about half the adult population — did some form of exercise compared to 24 percent who did so in 1960. Thirteen million of those people belonged to at least one of the 5,000 health clubs and independent gyms in the country at that time.

The new world is inspiring everyone

As I said before, nothing is safe from change. The introduction of the world wide web was the next tremendous phenomenon that slowly but surely took over and shaped the face of the new world. Many hate it and how it was changing everything. But, the positive face of the internet and how it contributed to the peoples’ jobs by bringing in new customers, warmed its way into the hearts of everybody. Eventually, most of the people came to terms with it and accepted it. The transition had begun.



This new digital space got everybody hyped and moving. Standing still was no longer an option. Early adopters took advantage of this opportunity and created websites for their work. Gym owners had to keep up too, so lots of simple gym and fitness websites appeared across the internet having only one goal in mind: to attract more bodybuilders and customers to the gym.

Gym themes, are they really worth it?

Are you asking yourself this question:

“What can I possibly hope to accomplish by buying a gym WordPress theme?”

Well, the answer is pretty obvious. Gym websites offer everything that large multi-branch fitness corporations and even independent gyms need.

Don’t forget about the new generation. Millennials love to do things while they’re online. That’s why the procedure of booking an online training course sounds more intriguing to them. They enjoy wrapping up everything in the shortest time by few fast finger-taps.

Professional and compatible gym website is the way to go if you want to keep them happy! They crave speed and comfort. If you pick a fitness theme with lightning-speed loading time and zero bugs, you’re bound to get more views and eventually more customers.

The fitness industry is booming and growing 2.6% each year and more than 162 million people are receiving various services through this section. A fresh and modern website combined with your creative ideas give you the edge to outpace your opponents.

Your fitness business can’t live long without a website as a body can’t live without oxygen.


Why buy from us?

Success is no accident. It requires hard work, sacrifice, learning, and the ability to adapt.

Online reputation matters to your visitors. So, Your dream website has to be pretty damn good.

Our gym WordPress themes will fill your customers with a sense of joy, liveliness, positivity, and inspiration. We provide the most leading products and never kill quality for quantity.  To keep that statement true, we cherry-pick the themes. Not all are accepted.

The themes are packed with incredible and unique features that will come in handy.

Our 24/7 skillful support team is always ready to answer your questions. They will also keep in touch with you during the installation of the theme and guide you.

Start your journey with us.

Your efforts matter to us.

Gym website shows your professionalism. The more time and energy you spend on your fitness website, the more views you get.


Download Gym Website Template

Download WordPress Theme


Our stunning and modern themes help you draw more audience to your website. These feature-rich gym themes translate your exact thoughts into graphics and other visual aspects and provide enough room for you to promote your content for everybody. They will feel more connected to your work and enjoy a mutual relationship.

We will stand by your side until you have a fully-functional gym website. Feel free to contact us at any time and tell us what you think.

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