Atelier WordPress theme

Atelier WordPress Theme

Every atelier and gallery requires its very own and specified window; a window to display what is sold in there. Atelier WordPress Theme, as the name implies, is designed with such a purpose. That’s why the designers put a slider right above everything in this unique theme. The slider provides the audiences with your latest products and services. The number of slides can be determined by a variety of factors such as different artistic categories on which you’re working and the number of services and products presented by the working group.



Atelier WordPress Theme

At the upper left of the theme comes a fixed drop-down menu which is motionless in its place while scrolling the page up or down. This feature would make the menu accessible across the webpage. Clicking the menu would open the main parts of the website at the left side of theme. This splashed menu again is completely fixed and scrolling the page would not make any change to it in terms of positional status. The menu items are Home, Blog, who we are, and Contact us as default; though all these can later be changed in terms of items, number and order.

Then comes the “Who We Are” part which gives your visitors a main idea about the purpose of gallery. Different categories covered by your atelier are presented here as well. An atelier may provide customers with various services which are introduced in this section.

The next part presents some of the main projects your gallery has prepared lately. This may include single modeling images as well as marriage photography that both demand experienced and elite experts.

Price table is the section where you can inform your would-be customers about the spending they may go through while using your services. Various services would cost different fees.

Then comes a part where you can present articles related to your job including articles on the recently released software and hardware tools as well as the newest cameras and lenses along with new technology usages which all can facilitate the job of an atelier.

Finally, your special offers are presented for the visitors with the exact amount of discount that are intended for customers. This discounts can be arranged and organized according to various seasonal and occasional programs such as spring discounts or price cuts designed for new year or other special occasions.

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Most photos are from, you can change your images and photos to the areas and themes.

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