Clean Services WordPress Theme

Clean Services WordPress Theme

A Clean Services WordPress Theme will welcome the visitors with a fascinating face starting with a horizontal main menu at the top of the page.

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Clean Services WordPress Theme

Considering all areas of business, WordPress also offers a unique theme for those who are active in cleaning services. All businesses and companies may own and run their websites to introduce and present their services and products for their would-be customers. Companies working in the area of cleaning services need such websites as well. “Clean Services WordPress Theme” would well pave the way for such businesses.

A Clean Services WordPress Theme will welcome the visitors with a fascinating face starting with a horizontal main menu at the top of the page. Menu’s main buttons would direct the visitors through the website’s main pages that can include Home, Blog, About, Services, and Contact following a distinct “Booking Service” button in the right section. The raw version of this theme also offers a phone number for the customers’ key instant questions at the very top left of the page as well as the website’s direct addresses at some known social media on the right.

It’s worth mentioning that the buttons on the main menu can be modified and shifted in terms of order and number according to the website owners’ will and interests.

Then comes the header which can be considered as the main face of the page. An image of a housemaid wearing a pair of cleaning gloves would best clarify the main goal of your website. This picture can be followed by your company’s main motto in terms of what are you doing.

The next part deals with the company’s main areas of services. A cleaning business may offer various services such as Home Cleaning, Residential Cleaning, Vehicle Cleaning, Office Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning, Building Cleaning, and so much more.

The “About” button at the main menu is extended here as well with a “Read More” link aiming to give your visitors and customers the main idea about who you are and what you are doing in this company. The page following the “read more” link may give some extra details about the company such as introducing the working team’s members and low-costing benefits of your services.

An extra section may appear on the main page with a “Customer Testimonials” title. This would play as an advertising tool to attract the attention of new visitors.

As like most of the WordPress themes, Cleaning Service Theme also includes a blog part at the front page which is used for broadcasting the latest news and articles relating to the job.

Finally, the last part of the main page offers a briefed “About Us” text, the company’s main targets in terms of services, and a “Quick Access” section which is the same as the top-located main menu, this time at the bottom of the page.

Links to the company’s addresses on social media are located here as well.

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